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Catalin Quercinola Viola 16.25" 2021, Eudora, KS, USA

A fine 16 ¼" or 414mm LOB original model viola inspired by Venetian Design and Gofriller, by Catalin Quercinola, made in 2021, Eudora, Kansas, USA

This viola exemplidies a deep, penetrating tone, with a powerful focus, coupled with an ample ringing resonance.

This example was exhibited at the Metzler Contemporary Maker's Exhibition in 2024.

About Catalin:

Catalin Quercinola has been building fine violin family instruments for over 15 years, with a strong affinity for viola that has only grown over time. His work has always been informed and inspired by the finest examples available of antique Italian instruments, and through the historical methods and materials used to create them. He chooses to use only tools, materials and techniques that were available in the 17th century.

Catalin Quercinola Viola 16.25" 2021, Eudora, KS, USA

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