Burke's String Sisters Violin Rental Special

RENTAL The rental is available for in-school pick-up at the start of the first String Sisters Autumn 2021 class at which point they can be left or extended over the break at the conclusion of the last class or performance for collection, or rental extended over the holiday break for home use. Rentals include the set-up fee coverage of new premium strings, bow rehair, and maintenance. Included is:


Shoulder rest

Microfiber cleaning cloth

All if which is the property of Bay Fine Strings.

VIOLIN SIZING Please find the proper size by measuring the left arm from the neck to left hand middle of palm with arm straightened. If it is between a range, it is better to go with the smaller size.

15" arm to palm 1/10 size violin

16.5" arm to palm 1/8 size violin

18"-18.5" arm to palm, 1/4 size violin

18.5"-20" arm to palm 1/2 size violin

20"-21.5" arm to palm, 3/4 size violin

22"+ arm to palm 4/4 size violin

OPTIONAL INSURANCE The insurance fee is $25 for the rental term. Unless the optional coverage insurance is elected, rental items returned damaged (cracked), marred, worn, willeither incur repair fees, or in the case theft, misplacement, or major damage, the client will have to pay partial or full valuation of item(s) of the instrument(s) for a replacement. With insurance, minor repairs are waived, however major damage incurs a $99 deductible to cover replacement or major repair. This determination will be made at the discretion of Bay Fine Strings. Valuations for entire loss is $750.

EXTENSIONS AND RETURNS Initial rental commitment is for the 2021 Autumn/Winter session. If rental extension is needed at conclusion of rental, you can pay for an extension through the rental extension tab on the website in 3 or 6 month increments. Rental payments are accruable towards the purchase of a Bay Fine Strings instrument.

There is a 65% trade-in policy for Bay Fine Strings Premiere outfits, minus wear and tear and consumable material replacement. It is the responsibility of the client to purchase or return item(s) to Bay Fine Strings at conclusion of the class to String Sisters faculty, to the Burkes Office, or with a Bay Fine Strings associate. Instruments with rental extensions will be returned at an agreed time to the San Bruno storefront shop location, or Daly City area workshop. This meeting communication must be arranged with Bay Fine Strings before the rental period end. Contact bayfinestrings@gmail.com or by phone at 415-203-4534.Client agrees to all rental terms once payment is made.

Burke's String Sisters Violin Rental Special