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Bernard Simon Fendt II, 1840, London, UK

Early 19th century English maker Bernard Simon Fendt II 1800 – 1852) undoubtedly learned the craft of violin making from his father Bernhard Simon I in the workshop of John Betts, where the two men worked until the mid-1820s. Fendt and his father were brilliant copyists of Cremonese models, and were among the earliest to copy 'del Gesù', whose popularity skyrocketed after Paganini's visit to London in 1831. Father and son worked in a similar style and are two of the best of the underdog English school.


This cello is in a great state of preservation and features special ornate carving of the scroll, as well as a mature, modulable soloistic power, fit for any discerning artist.

Bernard Simon Fendt II, 1840, London, UK

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