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Custom Dimensions Bay Fine Strings Bespoke Lightweight Viola Case

Introducing the ultralightweight Special Order Bay Fine Strings Bespoke custom case made in Korea! Our small team of 5 master case craftsmen with over 20 years of case making experience work together to make fine works of art with fashionable design and functionality for the Bay Fine Strings Brand. For reference, our 15"-16.5" adjustable Bespoke viola case is a very light 6.5 pounds, more heat/cold resistant, more shock absorbent, and LIGHTER than most carbon or composite cases of the same size. Smaller or Larger bespoke dimension cases may reduce and add negligible weight in this range.


We will need accurate measurements in cm (centimeters) of the following:

1. Widest Point Lower Bout

2. Wides point Upper Bout

3. Total length of back from bottom to top part of neck block

4. Total length of back without neck block

5. Clearance from back of viola to highest point of bridge & location based on length of back without neck block

6. Total length from bottom to top of scroll

7. Widest points horizontally from c or g pegs to d or a pegs



-Lightweight and strong plywood laminate frame

-Upgraded metalware black gunmetal fittings and gold brass trim fittings,

-Finest Cordura tear and wear resistant exterior fabric lining

-Finest Silk Design and Velvet Interior Fabrics

Custom made long zipper handles for ease of grabbing

-Fine secure german-style locking mechanism

-2 Padded Backpack Straps with Capability Included

-4 bow spinners

-Full Length Music Pocket

-2 Accessory Compartments

-Silk Instrument Blanket

-Elegant Brass Hygrometer and Thermometer

-String Tube

Custom Dimensions Bay Fine Strings Bespoke Lightweight Viola Case

SKU: vlabespokecase
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