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Arcus S9 Gold Violin Bow

*SOLD or NO LONGER AVAILABLE * Listing for archive purposes only, see violins bows tab for current inventory.

A top of the line Arcus S9 Snakewood Gold Mounted Carbon Fiber Violin Bow in mint condition. It is priced well slightly under its usual msrp sticker price, as a previously owned bow. Because of its lightness, it can double to play period musical styles. 49 grams.

From Arcus: "The S9 is the fastest and most nimble violin bow ever made. The truly flawless resonance quality of their sticks offer a response without any resistance. That allows to play with absolute precision and unmatched articulation. Its sound is especially brilliant, which brings out the very best in precious old instruments."

Arcus S9 Gold Violin Bow

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