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Andre Richaume Gold Violin Bow, Paris, France, 1960

*SOLD or NO LONGER AVAILABLE, listing for archive purposes only*

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Andre Richaume Violin Bow, Paris, France 1960

Extremely rare example, 1 of 15 gold mounted bows ever made by Richaume.

Gold mounted, 62.8 grams, mint condition, with Raffin Certificate.

Powerfully sustained ring with a brilliantly open resonance, strong stick, with a resistant yet pleasingly supple give in the stick that allows for both driving sound and easily modulating tone color and response.

About Richaume:

(1905-1966) Andre Richaume was a prominent French archetier (bowmaker), from a family of makers.

His grandfather was Charles Claude Fetique (1853–1911), who was a violin maker, and who had two bow-making sons, Victor François Fétique (1872–1933) and Jules Fetique (1875–1951), and a daughter Marie Augustine Marthe Fétique (1879–1928 André's mother). André's cousin, Marcel Fétique (1899–1977 son of Victor), became a bowmaker as well.

Richaume apprenticed with Emile Francois Ouchard in Mirecourt, before joining his uncle, Victor Fetique in Paris. He established his own shop in 1923 and worked until 1957. In 1955 Richaume was awarded the distinction of "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" (one of the best craftsmen in France).

He supplied fine bows to other Parisian makers under his own brand. His work is very much influenced by Ouchard and his uncle Victor Fetique.

David Oistrakh used a Richaume bow in the later part of his life. Oistrakh had remarked that this bow gave him great satisfaction, so much so that when in Paris, he had to go meet Richaume in person. The bow bought by his son Igor Oistrakh in 1957, had filled David with such enthusiasm that Igor made a gift of it.

André Richaume was also a restorer of very great talent, able to preserve the styles of the Masters of the past. He ranks among the best bowmakers of the first half of the 20th century and his output in workmanship and outstanding choice of materials was remarkably consistent.

Andre Richaume Gold Violin Bow, Paris, France, 1960

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