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Yongmin Na Cello Bow, South Korea, 2021

*SOLD or UNAVAILABLE, LISTING FOR ARCHIVE PURPOSES ONLY* See Cello Bows tab for current inventory


Cello Bow mounted in silver by the talented and precise bowmaker, Yongmin Na. Fantastic pernambuco, with a smooth and focused tonal fundamental, capable of quick and easy articulation and a malleable response. Model inspired by Espey. 80 grams. Copy/paste link or visit video page Meet the Maker Ep3 Featuring Yongmin Na About: Yongmin studied with famed teacher Gilles Duhaut in Tours, France, then set up shop in Korea. Makes beautiful bows in the inspired by historical and contemporary masters. Prizes a competitions such as Mittenwald in 2014 & 2018, CIVMC in 2016, and the VSA in 2014 & 2018. Yongmin draws inspiration from mentors and makers such as Gilles Duhaut, Pierre Guillaume, Pierre-Yves Fuchs, Emmanuel Carlier, Eric Fournier, Yannick Le Canu, and Charles Espey.

Yongmin Na Cello Bow, South Korea, 2021

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