A nice Guarneri model violin by Violin by Nicolas Vuillaume Atelier, Mirecourt, France, 1860 on the Stentor Label.

This violin features an openly focused and modulably ample sound, with warm and complex harmonic content capable of a wide projection of tone.

YouTube Channel Copy/Paste Demo Link: https://youtu.be/XzOQf15IF5U

Nicolas Vuillaume (1800-1872) was the Brother of Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, made some of his own instruments but primarily worked for his brother's firm producing the lesser models labeled "Stentor" and "Sainte Cécile." From 1832 to 1842 he worked in the Paris workshop, but for the most part he was based in Mirecourt. He comes from the family of one of the most recognizable names in 19th century French violin history.

Nicolas Vuillaume Atelier, Mirecourt, France 1860s Stentor Guarneri

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