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Jean-Paul Lauxerrois Violin Bow, Bordeaux, France 1980

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A very fine a rare violin bow made circa 1980 by Jean-Paul Lauxerrois in Bordeaux, France. Made in the model of Peccatte weighing 62 grams, the bow creates an open and colorful tone. The medium strength of the stick creates a fine balance to articulate in fast passage work, as well as a satisfying pull for cantabile legato phrases.

Jean-Paul was born in 1928 in Beaumont-sur-Oise, a small village a few kilometers from Paris. Jean-Paul was first cousin of Etienne Vatelot and nephew of Marcel Vatelot, who at the time was already one of the most established luthiers in Paris. After starting an apprenticeship as a luthier, he found passion for bowmaking and decided to leave his uncle Marcel's workshop to move to Mirecourt in 1948.

At this time Lauxerrois apprenticed with Francois Lotte. In 1951, he returned to Paris to work in the Vatelot workshop where he works for nine years. There he met André Chardon, who helps him in his development. At this workshop he worked with musicians of the highest level; including Arthur Grumiaux. He married in 1956 and his son Pascal was born on 1959, a bowmaker, who in 1978 was one of the last protégés of Bernard Ouchard.

In 1960 due to the current economic crisis, Jean-Paul abandoned bowmaking in order to survive. He came back to making in 1980 when Pierre Taconné, a colleague from his Vatelot days invited him to work with him in Bordeaux. These will be the most prolific years for Jean-Paul. He retired in 1993 and moved to Grenoble.

Jean-Paul's working stages are divided into three parts. The years of Lotte's apprenticeship in which he mainly learns bow work; the second where he begins, also with the help of Chardon, to seek his own stylistic character; and the last in which, probably thanks to the closeness of his son who has just graduated from the Mirecourt string school, he follows the revived "Peccatte" school.

All in all, the late work of Jean-Paul Lauxerrois is among the rare and first rate of the 2nd half of the 20th century and was a proponent in the revival of the 19th century French style of bowmaking.

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Jean-Paul Lauxerrois Violin Bow, Bordeaux, France 1980

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