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Carl Zach, Vienna, Austria, 1897 #325

*SOLD OR NO LONGER AVAILABLE* Listing for archive purposes only. See Violins tab for current inventory.


Carl Zach was the son of Thomas Zach. In Vienna he attended from 1872-1874 the conservatory of music (for violin playing). It is not known whereabout he learned the violinmakíng. Until 1887 he is working with his father, and is overtaking the workshop in 1888. At the beginning the shop had a good reputation doing a good business. Carl Zach had the title of being a supplier for the royals in Vienna and Greece. He founded in 1897 a separate company with the aim to commercialize 2 inventions of his. Due to this foundation together with his expensive way of living he lost his complete property in the following year 1898. After staying in Brussels 1902 and several other places in Europe his further way until his death 1918 in London. He built his instruments mainly after Stradivari model, with rather flat archings. The scrolls are often with black edges (french style). The varnish vary from orange-brown to red-brown colors. Due to a big staff in his workshop many instruments have been made varying in quality.

Carl Zach, Vienna, Austria, 1897 #325

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